New winter collection!

Secret cooperation, guess who?!

Hi, Woody Ellen that's me

I came into this world for a very simple thing: painting flowers! Flowers have made me feel alive and have showed me the beauty of colors and form in the most ecstatic way. Florals are my non-stop inspiration. They represent the most uplifted form of beauty, they help creating my colorful life story.

Beauty check!

This tiny make-up mirror fits elegantly in your hand and is an essential in your clutch or handbag. Check your make-up any time of the day!

Organize that bag

This silk touch pouch is a perfect solution to keep your purse organized. You can use it as a slipcover for your sunglasses, a make-up bag or pencil bag.

Keep coins in check!

This cute coin purse, looks feminin and stylish in your hands. Grabbing in your bag you know where to find the little fellow. Coins should stay separate from the wallet, they are only bumping up the wallet.

Party ready!

This party-ready clutch bag finishes off your evening dress.

Retro handbag floral print

50's style bag

This retro handbag finishes off your outfit ! The bag is easy to carry and just the right size for all accessories.